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Everycare 7300 White Brown Massage Chair

Everycare 7300 White Brown Massage Chair


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Introducing the EveryCare 7300 Massage Chair:

Now available in a stunning white & brown edition. This newly revamped model encapsulates excellence in massage technology, blended seamlessly with an ultra-sleek design.

The EveryCare 7300 is our latest achievement in the line of home massage chairs. Encompassing a commitment to innovation, this model brings an unmatchable wave of cutting-edge massage technology to the comfort of your own living room.

Seat yourself in the luxurious white and brown fabric of this redesigned model. Allow our advanced full-body scan technology to locate your stress points with pinpoint accuracy. Then, let the SD massage mechanism take over, immersing you in a high-class full-body massage experience.

This chair features state-of-the-art airbags designed to mimic the nurturing touch of human hands. They delicately cushion your shoulders, hands, thighs, knees, and calves, to encourage relaxation and accelerate recovery.

Enhance your comfort further with the one-touch zero-gravity function. With just a tap, the chair reclines to distribute your weight evenly across the chair, promoting a sensation of weightlessness and deep relaxation.

The chair comes with a modern touchscreen display remote that allows you to create a user profile, choose your favorite massage type, and Bluetooth connect to your favorite relaxing music.

Every function and feature of the EveryCare 7300 massage chair has been meticulously designed and integrated for your overall well-being—creating a comprehensive and luxurious massage experience that caters to your modern lifestyle.

Key Features:

  •     Advanced full body scan & SD massage technology
  •     Airbags that mimic human touch, strategically positioned for optimal relaxation
  •     One-touch zero-gravity function for enhanced comfort
  •     Touchscreen display remote with Bluetooth connectivity
  •     Complete airbag control by massage area
  •     English/Korean Language Available
  •     Our most comprehensive and luxurious massage experience yet

Recharge, rejuvenate, and rediscover your well-being with the EveryCare 7300—your personal in home massage chair, upgraded for your comfort and aesthetic pleasure.


Regular Position:
60" height x 33" width

Zero Gravity Position:
78" length x 33" width


Genuine Leather

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  • Repair and maintenance service
  • Customer training
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  • An image that shows the Everycare 7300 white brown upright position


  • An image that shows the Everycare 7300 white brown zero gravity position


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Everycare 7300 white brown dimensions

- Maximum User Weight Limit: 250 LB
- Maximum User Height Limit - 6'2

- Regular Position:
60" height x 33" width x 58" length

- Zero Gravity Position:
78" length x 33" width

  • Touchscreen icon

    Tablet Controller

    touchscreen tablet controller to easily access the massage programs

  • Remote icon

    Quick Access Control

    Built in button panel on the right side for you to adjust your massage experience - intensity, heat, seat adjustment

  • Airbags icon


    Airbags inflate and deflate in the shoulders, hands, hips, waist, knees and feet

  • Massage Techniques icon

    Massage Styles

    Kneading, Percussion, Acupressure, Flap, Slap and Mixture

  • Everycare 7300 white brown heating

    Heating System

  • Everycare 7300 white brown airbags


  • SD icon

    SD Massage

    Thick, super dimensional massage rollers that cover a wide range of motion to provide a fuller massage experience.

  • S&L track icon

    S & L track

    S & L track infused engineering allows the massage rollers to follow the curves of your back and provide extensive massages from the neck, shoulder, back, lower back region and down to your glutes.

  • Auto Body Scan icon

    Advanced Auto Body Scanning

    the chair performs a Body Scan before beginning any massage functions. Always keep your head rested and your hips seated to allow the most precise scanning

  • Calf icon

    Feet Sensors

    adjust the leg extension to your comfort preference by pressing the heel of your feet

  • Intensity Adjustment icon

    Intensity adjustment

    Choose the massage intensity you prefer

  • Bluetooth icon


    Play the music of your preference in order to create the perfect relaxation environment for you

  • Heating icon

    Heating capabilities

    Activate the Heat function to enhance your massage experience (back, knee and feet)

  • Zero Gravity icon

    Zero Gravity

    Enjoy the chair adjusting to zero gravity position with just a click!

An animation that shows the Auto Body Scan feature

EVERYCARE massage chairs are all about personalization

Our chairs perform a comprehensive scan of your body's unique contours and pressure points. They adjust the massage rollers to align with your spine, delivering a tailored massage experience.

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  • White Glove Delivery

    White Glove Delivery

  • Personalized experience

    Personalized Experience

  • Repair service

    In - home repair

  • Certified team

    A Certified Team

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