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Gemini (GF500-01) Full Body Massage Chair

Gemini (GF500-01) Full Body Massage Chair


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A Tech-Delivered State of Bliss

Bringing every masseuse luxury to your private space, the Gemini full body massage chair is our leap forward in therapy technology.

To begin: feel yourself sink into luxury fabrics designed to envelop your entire body. With a touch of a button, this chair automatically reclines into zero-gravity—a pressure-neutralized position studied and used by NASA.

Crafted with a built in space-saving function, this model will effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of any living room. Pair with the Gemini Mini for a whole family therapeutic retreat all at the convenience and comfort of your home.

The 4D massage functions will be ready to serve you. For unknotting away all the hours at your desk, our back and feet rollers are designed to mimic the human touch all while applying heat to soothingly relieve pain.

Choose your favorite massage, set the timer, and let our technology bodily recharge you. Along with intelligent 3D calf kneading and a spine tracing design, we created the Gemini to stimulate full-body circulation, heighten your energy, and release any strains.


- Maximum User Weight Limit:300lb
- Maximum User Height Limit: 6’2

– Regular Position: 65″ height x 32″ width

– Zero Gravity Position: 80 ” length x 32″ width


Genuine Leather

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  • Repair and maintenance service
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HiTRONS GF500-01 Dimensions

- Maximum User Weight Limit:300lb
- Maximum User Height Limit: 6'2

- Regular Position:
65" height x 32" width

- Zero Gravity Position:
80 " length x 32" width

  • Touchscreen icon

    Tablet Control

    you're one touch away from over 24 different massage programs

  • Calf icon

    Open Feet Design Deep Foot Massages

    foot rolling mechanism as well as toe

  • Timer icon


    Choose from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minute massage intervals

  • Rollers icon

    Quick Access

    8 massage rollers to cover a wide range of motion, simultaneously. Feel and enjoy the extra depth the 8 mechanism roller provides

  • Everycare GF500-01 Airbags

    Heating System

  • Everycare GF500-01 Airbags


  • Massage Techniques icon

    Massage Techniques Selector

    Choose and save your favorite massage technique : Recover, Relief, Stretch, Soft, Renew, Calming, Refresh, Energy, Revive, Active Relax, and Healing

  • Manual Mode icon

    Manual Mode

    Pre programmed massage modes to target specific parts of your body

  • Heating icon

    Heating capabilities

    Activate the Heat function to enhance your massage experience (back, knee and feet)

  • Modes icon

    Customization Features

    Mode, Position, Width ,Speed, 4D (intensity)

  • 4D icon

    4D Technology

    Advanced 4D mechanism to provide a smooth and detailed massage down your back's curvature

  • Zero Gravity icon

    Zero Gravity

    Enjoy the chair adjusting to zero gravity position with just a click!

  • Auto Body Scan icon

    Auto Body Scan

    Sensors to accurately detect user’s shoulder

  • S&L track icon

    S & L Track

    S & L track infused engineering allows the massage rollers to follow the curves of your back and provide extensive massages from the neck, shoulder, back, lower back region and down to your glutes

An animation that shows the Auto Body Scan feature

EVERYCARE massage chairs are all about personalization

Our chairs perform a comprehensive scan of your body's unique contours and pressure points. They adjust the massage rollers to align with your spine, delivering a tailored massage experience.

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  • White Glove Delivery

    White Glove Delivery

  • Personalized experience

    Personalized Experience

  • Repair service

    In - home repair

  • Certified team

    A Certified Team

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